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    Some pictures of Brian riding Leslie around the yard today.



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April 18, 2008


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Lori Z

Hi Monica. You know a little about me but here is some more. I am 39, 40 this year. I have a 14 year old from a previous marriage that only lasted 3 years..we were young and dumb but I recieved the greatest gift of my daughter PerryAnn. I married my husband 7 years ago. We dated long distance for 3 years and he moved to CA to marry us. We have Gracie who is almost 3. We tried for other children but I miscarried twice after Gracie was born so I am a little gun shy and getting old. I used to be a Real Estate Appraiser until the market crashed and I decided to stay home and spend time with Gracie so I closed my business though I do some on the side here and there. I could not stand staying home so I put Gracie in daycare and now I work for my brother in laws company Fulfillment Central in Georgia. I do online sales and marketing from my computer here in CA. My husband travels a lot for business. He is currently in Ohio, I think. Next week he will be in Portland all week. We met while he was in CA on business so what should I have expected..huh? We are really involved in our church -Sandals in Riverside and are pretty boring other than that.


I added your blog to my Reader after you left a comment on mine. I'm just across the border, in North Idaho.


Yep...I know who you are...:)

Laura R

I think you know who I am already. :)


I know who you are...:)

The Lizard

Heh. Guess who I am ;)

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